Local Councillor Votes In Favour Of Developement

Cllr Sharman voted in favour of the LDF at the council meeting Wednesday 10th September 2014. Witnessed by several group members




Next round of public consultation was planned for October/November this year but is now looking like it could be early 2013


Spring Newsletters are hitting the streets


Is Sheffield trying to force Rotherham to increase it's housing targets? With an estimated 80,000 population increase Sheffield is looking to other areas to help out.




Some interesting reading, please remember that RMBC say the proposed houses have nothing to do with migration from Sheffield. (click on logo to view)


Council Release LDF Feedback

Please click Here to see a .pdf of the document



Ding Ding Round Three

As a New Year dawns we have the prospect of yet another round of consultation to look forward to. Could the Council not have covered everything with one consultation, instead they have spent tens of thousands of pounds of tax payers money to acheive a result that they knew before they even started. At the last count some 88% of people who expressed an opinion said 'No' to building on green belt. Surely a simple questionaire sent to residents in proposed areas would have been far more efficient.

The Great British Property Scandal

During December 2011 Channel 4 hosted a series of programs under the title 'The Great British Property Scandal' highlighting the fact we have over 600,000 empty houses in the UK. You can view these programs on catchup or click the link below.

Property Scandal



Members of Greasbrough group invited to attend meeting organised by Dinnington group.

Greasbrough group were more than happy to attend a large scale meeting held at the Middleton Hall in Dinnington on Friday 7th October. When the meeting started it was standing room only. The meeting was fronted by Vic Betts who gave us a very professional presentation. This was then followed by a lengthy question and answer session.Toward the end of the meeting Dinnington group asked for volunteers and a flurry of hands went up, lots of people are willing to do their bit to help the fight and save the green belt in Dinnington. We wish them every success

Several local Councillors were present at this meeting, this is the total opposite of what is happening in Greasbrough we have seen nothing of our Councillors in the last two years. They have been invited to attend many events but have always declined, or not had the decensy to respond at all.



Bassingthorpe Farm House grade II listed building !!!

We have just found a very informative 5 page objection to the LDF from the Rotherham Archaeological Society. A paragraph from the letter states that Bassingthorpe farm is a grade II listed building. Along with Glossop Lodge and Barbot Hall. It is a very interesting read. click here to view


Is The Consultation Process A Sham?

Comments from A report By Jacobs for RMBC

The preferred Urban Extension options are currently: Bassingthorpe Farm, Wath East, Ravenfield Common, Dinnington East, Kiveton North and Kiveton South

at Bassingthorpe Farm, a green wedge will be maintained between new and
existing development for the purposes of avoiding complete coalescence,
recreation / amenity and access to the countryside, and biodiversity (amongst
other benefits)

Please read this report to make up your own opinion


Hand Over Of Objection Letters

This afternoon members from both Greasbrough & Dinnington groups net at Bailey house to hand over thousands of objection letters. Along with an 800 page supporting document outlining all the facts we have gathered over the last few months. See index of supporting Document

bailey house



Electronic Newsletter



Council Ask S.O.G Group To Sign Joint Press Release

The group has had a meeting with Karl Battersby and other top planning officials at the Town Hall last month, the Council are trying to be more open which is a giant leap forward from two years ago. However RMBC has now asked our group to issue a join press release. A thumbs up for them if you like. This was a key issue for the group and was voted on at our meeting held on the 7/08/2011 the vote was unanimously against the press release. The group felt that a joint release was totally unacceptable, the wording alone speaks volumes, see for yourself..


Greasbrough Drop in Event 16/07/2011

We had just over 200 people attend the consultation event, we would have had more but the weather was against us. None of our three local councillors could be bothered to attend, says it all really. We also had a police presence as well, odd as they have not been present at any other drop in consultation in the borough. Are they trying to tell us something? click to see pictures

F.O.I's From Rotherham Council

We asked questions regarding population predictions click link below.

Click here

We asked what the Councill has learned from the mistakes made at the last consultation in 2009.

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We have Consultation dates for Greasbrough/Rawmarsh at long last.

Greasbrough Town Hall Sat 16th & Tues 26th July in the afternoon still waiting for confirmation on time.

Rawmarsh Methodist church Wed 13th July only at 2pm to 4.30pm

So as expected the Council has chosen to hold the Consultations during holiday weeks and at times when most people can't make it. Well done RMBC you have learned alot from last time.


Advertiser Article

As you may have read in the Advertiser last Friday the Council have reduced the amount of houses they plan to build from 26,000 to a more realistic 13,000 , we of course welcome this news but are still concerned as to the volume of houses planned for Greasbrough/ Rawmarsh.

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View Objection letters


Click Picture to View objection letters that were sent in

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